Just a beer
Just a beer
Stephen Eichhorn - Iceland (2011)

Arnold Böcklin
The Isle of the Dead, 1883, oil on panel, 80 × 150 cm, The Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin.
It is one of the most famous paintings created by the Swiss symbolist painter Arnold Böcklin. In fact, he produced several different versions of this mysterious painting between 1880 and 1886. They all depict a desolate rocky isle seen across an expanse of dark water. A small rowboat is arriving at a water gate. In the bow, facing the gate, there is a standing figure in white. Just in front of the figure there is a white object commonly interpreted as a coffin. The tiny isle is dominated by dense dark cypress trees — associated by long-standing tradition with cemeteries and mourning.
Böcklin himself provided no public explanation as to the meaning of the painting, though he did describe it as “a dream picture: it must produce such a stillness that one would be awed by a knock on the door”.
source Wikipedia
Abandoned Places / Bart Synowiec